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Products by Stendebach & Co. are especially developed for people putting high value on good sleep in an attractive sleeping surrounding. Since the founding more than 100 years ago we stick to our hometown Montabaur and our philosophy – provide solutions for perfectly adapted sleep to our customers.

Thanks to modern technology today we have come closer to this vision than ever before. We offer our customers air spring mattresses, which adapt their degree of hardness by pressing a button and provide extremely balanced pressure distribution thanks to it’s air core. We can offer mattresses, with over 240 million possibilities in customization and manufacture an individual mattress for every single customer. All that within hours, thanks to short ways and an established modular system.

Beside classics as new wool or camel-hair our range of beddings, no matter if duvets, pillows or neck support pillows, offers innovative high-tech material in covers and fillings. On the one handside this improves the funcionality by porviding special cooling or heat storage, but also makes our products more cuddly or sustainable. High-quality textiles completely based on wood, an idea unthinkable just a few years ago.

That’s the world we would like to invite you on our homepage. Feel welcome and learn more about quality of life with classy products around your bed.