Bettwaren Stendebach & Co.

Joy is hard to measure – depending on the study the happiest people in the world once live in Bhutan, another time on the pacific-island of Vanuatu or in Costa Rica. Nevertheless, most Europeans could not really imagine living in these countries their whole life long.

Joy – an almost scientific explanation about biological triggers and psycho-social backgrounds was my idea for this article. Soon – after only a few columns – I realized: No, that’s all nonsense. Joy is in all the tiny moments we experience and can create ourselves. Because joy does not come by accident – joy is a decision and we decide in many moments how much – or little – joy we allow in our own life.

We, the Stendebach family, are succesful producers of beddings, sleeping solutions and many useful accessoires around the bed in fourth generation. As one of a few bedding-brands with fully integrated production in Germany and the neighbouring Poland we know, that this decision is not only a piece of joy to us, but also to our staff.

Of course we want you to buy our fantastic products. It is important to us to give you joy with these products, because that is the basis for our success!

Coming to an end, I would feel lucky if you decide for joy-products like Cairona, Schlafkult or Matyx at your next purchase.

Yours Markus Stendebach