Powerful brands – powerful products

The name Stendebach stands for innovations on the bedding-market since generations. We have developed intelligent solutions, that provide fitting products for different challenges.

To make this functional benefits tangible, we created several sub-brands beside our family brand Stendebach to divide our product lines.

The one with the longest tradition is [:SchlafKult:]®, a brand standing for best quality in the field of classical beddings for years. With the brand [:SchlafKult:]® we provide duvets, pillows, toppers and more for a relaxed and pieceful sleep. The technologic developments to fulfill different demands in this field lead to a broad variety of innovative solutions in the last years, which can be found in the different collections of the [:SchlafKult:]® brand.

Cairona® is another well established brand on the market, comprising our products around air-spring sleeping experience. This simple, but enormously effective solution for perfectly fitted sleeping underlyings is still developed further day after day, to keep the modular Cairona® system always on the technical state of the art.