Stendebach Cairona

Air sprung mattresses by Stendebach

Sleeping with pleasure

Every person is unique: the asthenic is individual, e.g. broad shoulders, a hollow-back, a low or high body weight. That’s why every person needs a sleeping system adapted to his or her special needs. A CAIRONA®.

The CAIRONA® mattress from Stendebach gives you recreative sleep. By its modular design and the variable air-sprung system it suits every person.

Sleeping with air 

As air-sprung mattresses generally systems are specified, which consist of a special foam-frame, a textile-cover, an air core and a control unit.

CAIRONA® by Stendebach & Co. is such an air sprung mattress. The uniquly, modular design allows a flexible adaption to the needs of every single sleeper.

Benefits, that convince


The CAIRONA® mattress from Stendebach & Co gives you a restful sleep. Thanks to its modular design and variable air cushioning, it is suitable for almost everyone. The CAIRONA® mattresses by Stendebach & Co can be adapted exactly to the personal requirements of the sleeper thanks to its modular air-cushioning structure. Always the right decision: A modular, air-sprung CAIRONA® mattress.

  • The variable air cushioning of a CAIRONA® ensures an ergonomically correct sleeping position. Thanks to the automatic body adjustment, the spine is optimally bedded, and the back muscles can relax.
  • The modular design allows adaptation to individual requirements, and components can be changed at any time.
  • The air core system allows an exemplary pressure distribution. Lying on a CAIRONA® is perceived as almost free of pressure points.
  • The degree of hardness of a CAIRONA® can easily be individually adjusted, using the remote control. The stability and the ergonomically correct lying position are maintained regardless of the selected degree of hardness.
  • Constant blood circulation and body relief extend the deep sleep phase and thus improve recovery time and quality.
    Handling a CAIRONA® is simple and maintenance-free.
  • A CAIRONA® automatically adapts to physical changes – such as pregnancy or weight changes – by adjusting the degree of hardness.
  • A CAIRONA® is also ideally suited for allergy sufferers.

The right position is, what counts

The ergonomically correct position during sleep is very important to ensure optimal body and mind regeneration, and a perfect activity of all organic and mental processes during sleep. The body should be in a natural and relaxed position.


If the sleeping pad is too hard, the spine bends. The intervertebral discs are stressed. Tense muscles result in tension and back pain. The inelastic pad creates pressure points, the tissue is squeezed off, and the blood supply is interrupted. The consequences are often restless sleep or falling asleep of the limbs. Pressure points on the shoulders and buttocks cause shoulder, neck or headaches as well as hip pain.


A mattress that is too soft has similar effects to a mattress that is too hard: The spine bends, and the pressure in the shoulder area is increased by shifting the body‘s center of gravity. This results in sleep disturbances similar to a mattress that is too hard.


The spine lies straight, and the back muscles can relax. The intervertebral discs are relieved and can regenerate. The hip and shoulder area of the mattresses give way. The pressure on the extremities is reduced, and relief of the body is possible. The body tissue is well supplied with blood and nutrient fluid.

The System

The CAIRONA® mattress is concepted in a modular design. This composition allows a broad variety of possible adaptions to your personal needs. Also supplementary adaptions are possible, thanks to the intelligent architecture that makes it easy to change single parts. By that, not only a flexible system is established, but also an sustainable usage of ressourcen is enabled.

With these 3 elements you have to option to choose your personally preferenced model:
Air Core

Air core „Clair” – smooth suspencion with every move.

Air core „SoftSwing” – stable feeling when lying through integrated shock-mounts. Ideal also for higher body weights, increased shoulder-lowering of the system.

Additional padding of the lying area

Padding „MZK” – high-quality cold-foam with multizone-cutting, fast moisture transfer, high material density für restoring force and longevity.

Padding „QuadVisco” – high-quality, breathable and visco-elastic foam with quad-cutting, close to weightless lying comfort, ideal for pressure sensitive people.

Padding „G-Cozy” – an elastic, jelly-like foam. Contact-pressure-reducing and temperature-regulating qualities with an enormous breathability.

Textile Covers
Textile Ventilator for Cairona mattress

Textile cover„Ventilator” – excellent air permeability and fast moisture transfer.

Tencel textile for Cairona

Textile cover „TENCEL® grey” – Premium fibre based on cellulose, fast moisture transfer and a natural micro-climate for minimizing allergic pollution.

Pumping and regulation system 

Digital pumping system „EAGLE ONE” – to run the Cairona® air sprung mattress system, a pumping and regulation system is necessary. This system allows the adjustion of the current pressure. Easy to handle by just pressing a button on the remote control the degree of hardness to the ideal option. On demand, this can be adjusted at any time.

Textile Covers

Massage unit – The vibrating massage leads to better blood circulation and a vitalizing oxygen transfer. Via control unit you can choose your favourite massage programm and intensity.