The innovative pillow- and duvet-collection by STENDEBACH

Nature & Technology united

The new collection S-LOFT is a symbiosis of naturalness and newest technology. Smooth cotton in the outer fabric encloses the synthetic duo-hollow-fibre S-LOFT.

The fibre was developed especially for the area of bedding and combines the advantage of down feathers with the impassiveness of synthetic fibres.

The outer fabric out of champagne-coloured down-percale, produced out of 100% cotton, is soft and cosy in handling. The anthracite cord underlines die premium approach of the collection.

That’s how the S-LOFT fibre works


Two different crude fibres are fused. During the cooling the two fibre components move together variably and the typical S-LOFT fibre helix shape is created. The composition grants the fibre its vast restoring force – comparable with the restoring force of a visco foam.

The effect

Due to the numerous air intervals – similar to the composition of down feathers – an excellent heat capacity in combination with a good moisture transport is created. The high restoring force warrants a very good washability with permanent modern loft.

Distinguishable Benefits

A unique warmth-weight proportion characterizes the S-LOFT-fibre technology. Air ducts pervade the fibre and provide an above-average heat capacity and good transport of moisture.

Cuddly & Light 
Due to the special composition of the S-LOFT hollowfibre the particular weight is reduced drastically. A surprising filling volume is accomplished through this special duo-hollow-fibre.
An extraordinary restoring force also distinguishes this fibre. The fibre doesn’t mind washing and intensive use, it always returns to its original form.

Due to the composition of pervading air ducts and the helix form of the S-LOFT hollow-fibre, the air is able to circulate ideally – without withdrawing warmth.

A very good transport of moisture is warranted as well.

S-LOFT products can be washed in household machines, which have the appropriate volume, without any difficulty.
The S-LOFT hollow-fibre bounces back to its helix shaped structure due to the good restoring force and retains its benefits of heat capacity and moisture transportation. The pillow and duvet stay easy to care for and durable, despite frequent washing and intensive use.
Therefore it is also an excellent choice for allergic people.

Outstanding Design

Design is more than a pretty surface. Design brings together innovative functionality and perfectly fitting appearance.

That’s exactly the approach we follow with all of our products at Stendebach. At our S-LOFT collection even that fantastic, that it is granted with the German Design Award Special Mention 2019 by the German “Rat für Formgebung”. In the strongly functional controlled field of beddings an absolute exception, which makes us unbelievably proud.

The clear, simple design with champagne-coloured down-percale and accentuated cord in anthracite promise premium quality. The newly developed S-LOFT fibre inside proves this quality with a so far unknown long lasting and resistant fill power. Communicated with unusual contemporary, technologically inspired motives, this collection sets new standards in the field of beddings.