Bettwaren Stendebach – a start-up in 1909

A goal in front of you, to achieve something good, something special for your customers together with your family – since the founding of Stendebach this spirit of entrepreneurship is noticeable.

The medium-sized family business Stendebach & Co. is a reliable partner in bedding industry and manufactures productes around good sleep for more than 100 years. Today the company is run by the brothers Dirk and Markus Stendebach in fourth generation. Over 150 motivated employees work for Stendebach at 3 facilities. Reliability, continuity, flexibility and innovative capacity lead to succesful operating of the company today and in the future.

For over 80 years we run a specialized beddings store in Montabaur as well, focussing on best support and know how since then.

Stendebach Geschichte