Cool touch

Climatically valuable

Comfortably cool sleep

[:SchlafKult:]® cool touch stands for excellent climatic characteristics. Comfortably cool or warm: the cool touch pillow- and duvet-collection adapts automatically to your very individual sleeping-demands.

The inlet transfers nightly moisture extremly fast and therefore is well suited for persons with increased transpiration.

The wonderful cuddly duvets with complex cool touch body-quilting have been constantly optimized for water-beds over the years. Highest functionality through innovative materials were in the focus of the research and devolopment phase.

Quality in every detail

  • premium high-functional micro-fibres for a dry and healthy sleeping climate, inspired from functional clothing in sports
  • developed especially for the demands of waterbeds
  • hydrophile and hydrophobe characteristics of the outer fabric
  • optionally available with extra-climate-regulating OUTLAST® -fibre
  • 60°C washable and dryer-safe, therefore ideally adequate for allergic sufferers
  • produced with complex one-needle body-quilting