fauna camel & fauna merino

Absolutely natural sleeping comfort

Camel-hair and Merino wool as natural solutions

[:Schlafkult:]® fauna merino and fauna camel bring real nature and naturalness in your sleeping room. Biologically precious cotton in the cover, combined mit fine natural hair in the filling, produced of 100% renewable ressources.

The new wool of fauna merino, as well as the babycamel-fluff-hair have skin-pleasant characteristics caused by their natural grease. They create a extraordinary temperature- and moisture-regulating sleeping climate. Babycamel-fluff-hair futhermore is extremely cuddly and soft. We exclusively process the softest qualities of hair, meaning that almost solely the very rare but functional bottom hair is used.

Quality in every detail

  • Naturalness in the cover made of “Organic Cotton” and filling (natural hair)
  • outstanding climatic characteristics
  • natural heat balance through a filling of animal hair (wool)
  • developed with a focus on sustainability and functionality
  • ideal for people with rheumatic discomfort or increased transpiration