UltraPol Premium 3.0

The hightech-fibre from Stendebach

Water loving polyester-fibres – squaring the circle

Polyester-fibres have a high popularity as filling material thanks to their very high thermal storage-capacity, robustness and good hygiene. Traditionally they show one big disadvantage compared to natural materials like cotton – they cannot absorb and puffer moisture.

UltraPol Premium 3.0 is an innovative filling fibre with outstanding climatic characteristics. With these fibres it was managed, to create a hygroscopic (water loving) polyester-fibre. In contrast to classic polyester-fibres UltraPol Premium 3.0 can absorb moisture inside the fibre itself, puffer surplus humidity and efficiently release it to the surrounding again when possible. Thereby a material was created, combining the qualities of classic cotton and polyester-hollow-fibres. A by far better sleeping climate thereby is ensured: Protection and hygiene increase noticable.

The new UltraPol Premium 3.0 can “store” surplus moistore through its hygroscopic attitude, a very rapid moisture-management thereby is created.

[:Schlafkult:]® Rose satin premium
with UltraPol filling

You can experience the innovative filling fibre in our [:Schlafkult:]® premium-collection rose satin premium. In combination with the sustainably produced Tencel® cover-textile it gives the beddings best functional qualities, beside their uncomparable skin-friendliness and pleasant feeling – no matter what time of the year.