High-end technology for best sleep

The challenge – freezing or sweating during sleep

Covering, uncovering, feet out, feet in – we all know the nightly efforts to bring our sleeping climate to a comfortable niveau.

Allthough we all know, that the greatest part of temperature-regulation happens through the head. Athletes know this phenomenon as well – it’s to warm with a hat, it’s to cold without one.
“Average” pillows have a really lazy process in this task, giving the body a roller coaster of temperatures.

The solution – G-Cozy Premium neck support pillows and toppers

Beside the special gel-filling G-COZY PREMIUM is equipped with an gel-refined cover. The thermo-regulating cover is actively cooling, as soon as it gets in touch with moisture (sweat). The active substance was developed in the food-industry and is integrated in the cover with its patented encapsulation. Testing our product, objective measuring results confirmed the cooling effect.

Our G-Cozy PREMIUM products

The neck support pillow G-Cozy PREMIUM

The core of our neck support pillow G-Cozy PREMIUM consists of two components, which make the pillow very special. The outer core is made of stable visco-foam with a high density, the middle area is processed with G-Cozy gel, which contains vertical chanels providing a good ventilation and the special Breeze-effect under soft pressure.

The G-Cozy core is free movable and thereby flexible in every position – without loosing its supporting effect. A supporting and cosy-figuline pillow, available in 3 different hights.

The topper G-Cozy PREMIUM

Ideal temperatures for real “feel-good-sleep”. The excellent temperature-conductibility of G-Cozy PREMIUM provides a reduction in temperature of the lying pad. The positive effects, like a reduction of the skin’s oxygen demand lead to a comfortable and extremly relaxing sleep.

Best functionality for best sleep

Laterally with a precious silver-grey 3D KlimaPro ribbon, realizing a better ventilation and a permanent moisture transfer.

Also in terms of design the sidewise 3D KlimaPro ribbon is a real highlight. The main focus nevertheless is on better ventilation and hence better sleeping climate.

The mattress-topper, of course encased with a gel-refined high-tech cover, have a summer- as well as a winter-side.